How Fraport Brasil has gained agility in managing its maintenance with Engeman®

One of the main benefits of the Engeman® system is to add automation, modernity and mobility to maintenance processes for companies of many branches and sizes. These were some of the results collected by Fraport Brasil and shared with us in this Success Case.

How Fraport Brasil has gained agility in managing its maintenance with Engeman®
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Fraport Brazil is a subsidiary of Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide, one of the leading companies in the global airport market, which offers a full range of integrated management and consulting services.

Fraport AG, owner and operator of the Frankfurt airport, Germany’s largest airport, is a highly experienced airport operator. Its portfolio includes more than 30 airports worldwide.

Keep reading and check out the interview provided by Robson Dombrosky, Maintenance Planning Coordinator, on how Engeman®  changed the reality of Fraport Brasil’s maintenance.

What led Fraport to invest in a solution for maintenance management?

We were looking for a Maintenance Management system to use in the company, during the analysis of some options available in the market we ended up opting for Engeman®, which among the options presented at the time, was the one that gave us more security regarding adaptability, functionality and results.

How did you learn about Engeman® Software?

We met Engeman® through the appointment of an employee who had already worked with the system in another company, during a period in which Fraport was looking for options for a maintenance system to be adopted at the Porto Alegre and Fortaleza airports, so Engeman® was invited to perform a presentation and participate in a bidding process.

What were the difficulties found in your business before you met Engeman®? 

Fraport, despite already operating several airports in the world, arrived in Brazil in 2017, and its national staff is responsible for structuring its internal processes. Among them, we needed a consolidated maintenance management system in the market and that presented a mature solution to support us in the registration and management of our airport maintenance.

What were the challenges encountered during implementation and how were they overcome?

The biggest challenge was to get detailed knowledge of the Engeman® features and how to use the tools, seeking to adapt them in the best possible way to the particularities of Fraport, for the management of an airport.

How was the experience using Engeman®? What are the 3 most commonly used features or which software actions/components best help resolve issues?

We gain mainly from the agility that the mobile module provides, which is reflected in the reliability of the field information, considering that the notes are now carried out in real time and without the need to process paper forms.

As in the experience shared by Robson Dombrosky, many other companies show transformative results

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