Success Case: PECÉM Complex

Learn about the experience of the PECÉM Complex – Port Integration Company of Ceará with the use of Engeman® and learn from them how to simplify the maintenance processes of a company with the help of an expert software. Follow!

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Nowadays, technology has been a great ally of industries in their processes.

Just a few years ago, no one imagined that technology would be such an important organizations’ strategy. Therefore, the use of a software is a key piece for efficient management.

In the maintenance sector, the use of technology enables a more efficient management, which optimizes the work routine of professionals. You can use equipment to automate tasks and track all activities of a management in real time. 

To show how the use of an expert software organizes and streamlines the processes of a company, we talked to Márcio Araújo, management assistant in the PECÉM Complex – Port Integration Company of Ceará. He told us how the use of Engeman® facilitated the processes in PECÉM. Follow up this Success Case! 

Get to know PECÉM Complex

The PECÉM Complex – Port Integration Company of Ceará is composed of three maritime piers and has a strategic geographical location. It has a complete infrastructure, ready to receive the installation of large companies.

This is the PECÉM Complex, which is a space for growth in Ceará, which aims to enable industrial, economic, and social development for the state. Composed of industrial area, port and Export Processing Zone, PECÉM offers solutions to boost your business to gain even more global scale.

Engeman®: process and maintenance of PECÉM 

We talked to Márcio Araújo to understand how Engeman® software helped and still helps him in PECÉM maintenance processes. He already had experience with Engeman® since before he even started working at PECÉM, through his former job. The training he had even helped him get the job. 

Márcio told us that PECÉM was trying to balance preventive and corrective maintenance, and the software “helps in matter of Work Orders (W.O.) because we need the records and Engeman® facilitates the reports. It is necessary to pull the data to analyze how everything is, and we have the information in the software. The graphics are also extremely important. Even though we have our own dashboards within the software, we integrate Engeman® with Power BI and it works great. The dashboards work well, search all the data. For us it is very important for efficient visual management.”

Engeman® and cost optimization

The easiest, automated, and assertive way to measure total maintenance costs is to use a CMMS system. Therefore, the software stores all the data of each equipment which ensures a reliable history and allows to carry out an efficient maintenance planning. Knowing about the importance of using the software for the business profitability, we asked Márcio what the importance of Engeman® was in the maintenance processes and if PECÉM had a reduction in its costs.

In this sense, Márcio told us that they had a reduction in costs. “Today we use Engeman® also for our warehouse. All that is material we insert in the software. We do the whole process of entry and exit through W.O. and it’s all recorded. Here only comes material with the W.O. This helps us a lot with the control of material stock and values, for example. And if I want to know how much was spent in the month on corrective, we have a specific report to do this.” 

Engeman® has more than 280 reports to facilitate your management, but if your company still needs a customized report, our solution is flexible and adapts to all your business needs. This allows efficient management so that your company can optimize all your costs.


Management reports customized

Maintenance reports are essential tools for the proper functioning of a company. There are numerous types and formats of reports. Although there are broad models that work for various activities, processes or equipment, each company can demand for specific information arranged in different models, which requires the preparation of customized documents.

Thinking about it, we asked Márcio if Engeman was able to understand PECÉM’s processes and customize what they needed. He told us that “yes, because when we explain our need, Engeman understood and personalized as we asked. It’s working well, it’s done according to what we needed.”

Engeman® Mobile Module

Engeman® Mobile Module is a mobile solution that streamlines maintenance operations. This is thanks to the use of easily found devices on the market as tablets and smartphones. With this, your team can track everything that happens in an industrial plant in real-time.

“Mobile avoids the use of paper, and this makes it much easier. We sent the W.O., and everything is synchronized in real-time, much faster and more dynamic. Another very important issue for us is signatures and photographic records. Mobile today is modernity,” said Márcio.


Modernity brought tools that only came to benefit the maintenance sector. As we follow, PECÉM success case shows us how a software can adapt to the reality of your company and bring more agility and mobility to your processes. Thus, your managers will be able to make more strategic decisions from reliable data.

For more details on all the features Engeman® ️can offer for your management, talk to our experts.