Why invest in a CMMS?

Do you know what it is, and why it is important to invest in this tool? So, keep calm, we have prepared this article to show you the reasons to invest in a CMMS software. Keep up to understand everything!

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The management, act or effect of managing; is an action that determines the success of any business. After all, an investor will only put their capital into a business that they know will have a profitable return. Therefore, efficient managements always seek the best strategies to optimize your results.

Big industries need strategies to manage large quantitative assets, because in many cases it is almost impossible to do all the controls by hand or in spreadsheets. Many people argue that they may perform everything in spreadsheets, but just figure out if you can have at hand all the maintenance history of your equipment to know the return on investment (ROI)? In addition to spending a lot of time, reliability can be questioned by excess data. 

So that this does not happen, technology has been a great ally of managers, as it provides tools that will provide agility and reliability to all processes. Here comes our article theme, the CMMS. Does your company use it? Do you know what it is, and why it is important to invest in this tool? So, keep calm, we have prepared this article to show you the reasons to invest in CMMS software. Keep up to understand everything!

What is a CMMS?

In the current scenario, which is highly competitive, it is a very big risk for a company to depend only on unplanned corrective maintenance. In order to maintenance not only to be performed as a reaction to a production stoppage, the manager needs to thoroughly control all machine indexes, maintain manufacturer’s standards, and control the latest maintenance to plan the next interventions. This is all facilitated thanks to the use of maintenance management systems. These are called CMMS.

CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) is nothing more than a maintenance management software that centralizes the entire department database of a company in one place. Through it, is possible to organize all the company’s information and from there work with reliable data to outline solid strategies. It is practical and efficient because it optimizes all processes made in multiple spreadsheets in a single system.

What is the importance of maintenance management software?

A management software is a tool that allows the manager to gather in one place all the information about the company’s assets. All maintainers can enter information about interventions performed in real time (from modules on mobile devices). Thus, all corrective or preventive maintenance, for example, are carried out in a systematic and organized way from a strategic point of view.

Using this type of software optimizes the work of the maintenance industry as it generates fast and accurate reports. In this way it speeds up the decision-making of managers. In addition to CMMS, which is the central theme of our article, there is also Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software. This software controls the assets lifecycle with planning for your installation and risk management.

EAM software presents an overview of an organization’s overall processes. The CMMS software, on the other hand, focuses on maintenance, which can be the biggest villain of a company’s costs.

Why invest in a CMMS?

Now that you know what is a CMMS, here are some benefits that this investment may add to your management:

  • Overview and strategic of all data in the maintenance department;
  • Efficient planning of maintenance processes;
  • Real-time data;
  • Agility in decision making;
  • Automation of all maintenance processes;
  • Easy access through cloud, mobile or web modules;
  • Information gathered in one place;
  • Reliable history;
  • Reports, charts, dashboards, visual management;
  • Alerts for maintenance;
  • Control and proper management of assets;
  • Work orders complete with documentation, photos or reports;
  • More assertive management of maintainers according to qualification and availability for work (work schedules);
  • Optimization of maintenance processes;
  • Easy control of performance indicators;
  • Money saving;
  • Agility in processes;
  • Data reliability;
  • Traceability of all assets;
  • Reduction of production stoppages;
  • Increased equipment life.

These are just a few of the various reasons your company needs to invest in CMMS software. But what does this software need to have to meet all the needs of my company? We’ll respond right after!

CMMS essential features

To keep up with all technological advances, your managers need to have complete tools at hand that adapt to their reality. It is possible to find in the market some software, but not all will be experts and will really understand the processes that happen in the maintenance department. We consider essential features such as:

  • Possibility of integration with other systems;
  • Responsive layout, enabling use on mobile devices;
  • Possibility of cloud hosting;
  • Flexible and adaptable to meet the real needs of the company;
  • Reports, KPI and management charts;
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA);
  • Dashboards for visual management;
  • Good usability;
  • Web and mobile versions, among others.

Get to know the CMMS Engeman®

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